Our Services

Wyzer Biosciences offers a full range of customized sequencing services that suit customer's specific needs. DNA sequencing is carried out using our optimized protocols and reactions are run on ABI's DNA genetic analyzers, assuring the highest quality data.

Single Pass and End Reads Sequencing
When sequencing requires any primer that is considered common. we provide them free of charge. These primers are: M13F, M13R, T7 promoter, T7 terminator, SP6. However, we caution our users to be more specific when asking for the common primers. For example, there are at least two primers that are called M13F and at least four primers that are called SP6. Please refer to sequences of common primers found in the Common Sequencing Primers submenu. For PCR fragments, customers can submit their primers, often the same as those used to generate PCR fragments or we can synthesize them providing that the customer shares this information. In addition, we have priming information on about 500 different commonly used vectors, assuming that the fragment of interest is cloned into Multiple Cloning Site (MCS). You can find information about vectors in our database under the Vector List submenu. Please be advised that sometimes the names of vectors in this submenu can be slightly different from those found in other sources as e.g. / can be substituted. If you have any questions please contact us.

Sequencing by Primer Walking: Construct Sequence Confirmation
If the length of a cloned insert, PCR or any other fragment to be sequenced is longer than a typical good quality read produced by an ABI instrument (750-950 bases) you may need to add more reads to cover the entire template of interest. Additional primers will need to be submitted or designed by Wyzer Biosciences, synthesized and reactions performed to completely sequence the entire region of interest. If not specified by a requestor we assume that single-stranded coverage is sufficient, but in most cases double stranded coverage will be provided. This will be noted in our report.

Publication Quality Sequencing: Double-Stranded Coverage
Sometimes Publication Quality Sequencing (double-stranded coverage over the entire region of interest) is required when submitting a paper for publication, grant application or any other purpose. In this case we will independently carry out primer walking on both DNA strands starting with the initial sequence information obtained from vector/customer provided specific primers. The Watson-Crick complementarity between the two DNA strands assures sufficient accuracy for Publication Quality Sequencing. If necessary, additional reads can be added to increase the accuracy of the data.

If You do the Sequencing
On occasion, a customer may elect to perform sequencing and cleanup of reactions in their laboratory and then we will be asked to run them on our instruments without additional intervention. Unless a catastrophic failure on our side (power/ABI failure, etc) occurs we will run those reactions only once, regardless of the outcome. We will contact you and discuss additional options.