Company Information

Privately held, Wyzer Biosciences, Inc. was founded in 2011 and is located in Cambridge, MA, the home of many world-class educational and biotech institutions, like Harvard and MIT. Through our expertise in molecular biology we provide services to our partners and collaborators in industry and academia to aid their ongoing research.

Our expertise in Sanger DNA sequencing and DNA prep services, the focus at Wyzer, make our company ideally suited to solve your simple and complex sequencing needs. Over the years we have perfected all stages of Sanger sequencing workflow and are particularly well-equipped to deal with many types of difficult templates. Our strength is fast and reliable double-stranded sequence finishing, which includes primer design, contig assembly with editing and rudimentary data analysis. We are optimized to take your project from start to finish, with superior results. As our company continues to expand, so too do our services, with Next Gen Sequencing as a new offering. As a small company, we care about our clients and are able to quickly adapt to meet your changing needs.

Our Commitment

After many years of working in a high-pressure environment, we understand the value of delivering high quality and reliable data on time and with competitive pricing. With our experience, in-house services and continued refining of our techniques we hope to become your most trusted and accommodating service provider, delivering perfect sequence data each and every time, when you expect it.