Policy on re-running of sequencing reactions:
Sometimes one or more sequencing reactions will fail and may need to be re-run to complete a specific project. There are two major causes of failures:
1. Attributed to issues in our operations and procedures, such as:
  • instrumentation or computer failures
  • errors with sample setup and processing
2. Attributed to the customer, such as:
  • non-optimal amount of DNA, primer or both
  • template DNAs excessively contaminated with interfering agents (such as EDTA, salts, etc.)
  • incorrect primer-template combination
  • incorrect or inaccurate reference sequence (if provided)
  • incorrect or inaccurate vector information
If reactions fail due to our error, we will re-run them at no charge to you.
If requested, we will re-run failed reactions attributed to your omissions at the standard applicable rate.