DNA Sequencing by Wyzer Biosciences: Using web ordering database: Short Manual

Wyzer Biosciences was founded in 2011 by experienced DNA sequencing scientists. This database is the culmination of over 100 years experience in Sanger sequencing and it is geared toward offering a requestor complete service from reaction assembly and analysis to primer design and other in-depth analysis. If necessary, we also provide free consultation for your projects in order to best serve your needs.

This manual describes all steps required to create an account, prepare and submit sequencing orders and receive your data. If you have an aversion to reading manuals or tutorials, follow the easy step-by-step procedure described below. Otherwise, you can read through the more detailed description of all steps, starting with Creating an account on www.wyzerbio.com on page 2.

Short guide to create an account and submit a DNA sequencing order:
  1. 1. Create an account. Go to www.wyzerbio.com. Register.
  2. 2. Go to the Orders menu on our web site. Click the Create Order button.
  3. 3. Select format, primer info and type of results.
  4. 4. Enter reference sequence, if needed (optional).
  5. 5. Enter info for your samples. Most information is optional.
  6. 6. Save.
  7. 7. Back to "Orders Overview"
  8. 8. Click on Submit button under Action menu, next to the order you want us to process.
  9. 9. Download your data using icon on an order status window.

In several places we have placed symbol to explain the meaning of the particular term we are using.

This page will be completed after we finalize our site
This page will be completed after we finalize our site